Dinner Menu

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

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Sour cream + onion popcorn 4.

 Dilly Beans 5.

Almost Onion Straws, buttermilk, Momma’s sauce 7.

Basic Grilled Cheese 3. deluxe 10.

BMB Cheddar Grilled Cheese 5.

Fried Spicy Pickles + Ranch 7.

Spicy Maple Glazed Peanuts 5.

Chicken Liver Mousse 12.

Hummus and toast 6.

Fried Green Tomatoes, cheddar sauce 8.

Aged Cheddar, apple butter 11.

Chicken Wings, buffalo or Asian BBQ 10.

Beef Tartare and chips 15.

Cod Cake, Old Bay remoulade, pea shoots 12.

Fried Oyster Roll, dressed lettuces 7. deluxe 16.

Salads and Vegetables

 Lettuces, pickled dilly beans, egg and mustard vinaigrette 8.

Green Olive Caesar, broken crostini, Parm 9.

Sliced Iceberg, ranch, bacon, onions 10.

Bitter Greens, burnt citrus, feta, almonds 11.

Carrot a la flat Top, white bean stew, parsley, roasted garlic 9.

Roasted Beets, borscht flavors, pickled cabbage + carrots and sour cream 10.

Grilled Broccoli, sesame, hoisin 12. with chicken 18. 

Sandwiches with fries

 Corned Beef Rueben, Gruyere, whole grain mustard, pickled cabbage, rye 14.

Fried Eggplant, tomato-tapenade, provolone, arugula, semolina 12.

Grilled Chicken Breast, sesame seed bun, lettuce, tomato jam, mayo, cheddar 12.

Twin Bacon Cheeseburgers, potato buns, pickles, onions, special sauce 12.

Grilled Bigger Burger, cheddar, mayo, lettuce, onion, tomato jam 13.

Vegetable and Bean Sloppy “Ron” walnut, lettuce, onions, pickles 12.

Bacon, Egg and Beef Patty Melt, cheddar sauce 15.

Hot Plates 

Mac n’ Cheese, cheddar, bacon fat crumbs 12.

Fish and Chips, coleslaw, tartar 16.

Smokey Fried Chicken, braised greens, pepper maple 18.

Grilled Butcher Steak, fries, salad and jus 22.

Pot Roast, horseradish crème fraiche 18.

 Linguini, chopped clams, mussels, shrimp, arugula 18.

Braised Veal Stew, fusilli, peas, button mushrooms 22.


Cheese and chives 7.

Black Truffle Buttermilk 6.

Burger Style 8.


Brownie or Classic Ice Cream Sundae

with or without peanuts 9.

add some Bourbon 12.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake, Cream Cheese Mousse 7.

Banana Cream “Pie”   8.