Lunch Menu

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

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Lunch Menu



 Big Salads and Vegetables


with chicken 17.

Lettuces, quinoa, carrots, mustard vinaigrette

Green Olive Caesar, broken crostini, Parm 

Iceberg Slice, ranch, bacon, onions

Carrot a la flat Top, white bean stew, parsley, roasted garlic

Roasted Beets, goat cheese vinaigrette, orange, frisee, almonds

Burger Fries Salad, bacon,

pickles, secret sauce, iceberg, onions


Hummus and toast 6.

Burrata, carrot preserves 11.

Chicken Wings, buffalo or Asian BBQ 10.

Black Truffle Buttermilk Fries 7.


with fries or greens


Braised Beef Sloppy Joe, vinegar slaw, sesame seed bun

Grilled Eggplant, goat cheese, arugula, onions

Vietnamese Chicken Salad, cilantro, mint, fish sauce, twin buttered rolls

Twin Bacon Cheeseburgers, potato buns, pickles, onions, special sauce

Grilled Bigger Burger, cheddar, mayo, lettuce, onion, tomato jam 

Vegetable and Bean Sloppy “Ron” walnut, lettuce, onions, pickles

Double Basic Grilled Cheese, butter bread and American

Double BMB Grilled Cheese, sourdough and cheddar

Hot Plates

Mac n’ Cheese, cheddar, bacon, crumbs 14.

Fusilli, chicken, kale, ricotta, Parmesan 18.






basic grilled cheese

side salad


Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake, Cream Cheese Mousse 7.

Upside Down Banana Cream Pie, Nilla wafers 8.